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Physics of Life



A cyclic process consisting of three consecutive and repeated stages:

  1. I stage of gerpedelution:

    Production of a set of objects based on a set of designs

  2. II stage of gerpedelution:

    Selection from the produced objects; those that fulfill certain criteria (the so-named selection criterion) are selected

  3. III stage of gerpedelution:

    Copying, (sometimes/always) with (slight/important) changes, the designs of the objects which have come through the previous stage. The resulting set of designs are directed to the next production stage.



Gerpedelution is an abstract process introduced to better understand biological evolution. As a matter of fact:

  1. gerpedelution is the starting point of biological evolution
  2. biological evolution is the result of billions of nested gerpedelutions which have been, and still are, mutually interacting

Examples of real gerpedelutions 

Example 1: Industrial production

Industrial production works according to the schematic of gerpedelution.

  1. Production (stage 1) is made in factories;
  2. Selection (stage 2) is made by buyers and
  3. conscious alterations by designers (stage 3).


Example 2: Biological evolution

Biology works also on the basis of gerpedelution.

  1. Production (stage 1) is the birth;
  2. Selection (stage 2) is made by the unavailability of resources
  3. and unconscious alterations by mutation whilst copying the DNA blueprint (stage 3).


Biological evolution is the process, which in terrestrial conditions, brought into existence and continuously shapes the next generations of living objects. Biological evolution was a self-arousing natural phenomenon generated by the RPD, involving the construction of objects by grouping chemical molecules together, their disintegration and reconstruction, and other natural phenomenon involving the synthesis of proteins based on the information stored in DNA and RNA particles, which in addition are RPD-type particles. They are also carriers of information, upon which proteins are built from amino acids.

Gerpedelution - Remarks 


The name of this definiendum derives from:

  1. G - from mathematical Game theory.
  2. erpede - from RPD-type phenomena
  3. lution - the suffix from evolution which expresses action.


II Principle of The Physics of Life

Natural tendency of biological evolution expressed in the dynamics of change in tactics of structure (ie the construction of living objects) and tactics of behaviour (ie behaviour) in subsequent generations of RPD-type objects submitted to gerpedelution was constructed as the Second Principle of The Physics of Life


Man substitutes natural selection for artificial selection

A chick selector "sorts chicks according to their appearance and separates the healthy from the deformed or diseased chicks." How? He looks for physical deformaties such as twisted fingers, blindness, distorted beaks, discoloured fluff, hard belly and more, as well as signs of such diseases as bronchitis or infection. Additional duties may include: "Placing sick chicks in an incineration plant, removing beak tips and tightly packing chicks into cardboard boxes". [source]

Gerpedelution - Quotations 

  • Competing is intense among humans, and within a group, selfish individuals always win. But in contests between groups, groups of altruists always beat groups of selfish individuals. - E. O. Wilson [source: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/e/e_o_wilson.html#iiR0FZ48uBvFsmMz.99]