Life is more than a battle Ė itís a game. A ceaseless game. A game in which somebody wins. A game in which the losers are eliminated and the winners grab the spoils and advance to the next round. A game of one on one, one against many, many against one and many against many, played by parents, clones and the triumphant clones of clones.

In training for volleyball, billiards, wrestling, chess and every other sports discipline, trainers donít hand out magic incantations for victory, because there is no simple formula which will guarantee victory for everyone!

And yet youíve got to train! Train to win! And everything that goes into that training Ė sophisticated methods, proven principles, years of experience, advanced theoretical analysis, hard work and, from time to time, a bit of applied mathematics Ė is all knowledge, knowledge to aid winning.

The Physics of Life is not a set of formulas, itís knowledge. Knowledge on that most crucial game, the game of life. A game full of complicated rules, often merciless and hardly understood, yet sometimes full of love and devotion. A game each of us plays, like it or not!


History of changes


The concept of Paradox was added to the Vocabulary of the Physics of Life.

The concept of the Paradigm of The Physics of Life was rearranged.

Thanks to Leonardo, who founded "The Bastiat Society Venezuela" in Venezuela, - the country facing an economical collapse, The Physics of Life has a page on socialism in Spanish.

The beginning of the work defining the concept of Worldview was added to the Vocabulary of the Physics of Life.

I created graphic symbols (icons) of the three main types of thinking

The presentation "The Introduction to the Physics of Life" was uploaded onto Youtube.

The concept of Magis was added to the Vocabulary of the Physics of Life.

The page with presentations was created.

The concept of Game's characteristic elements was added to the Vocabulary of the Physics of Life.

Definition of life was expanded.