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Kulturowo, Amerykanie pozostają pomiędzy mitycznym a sekwencyjnym rodzajerm myślenia…

As a culture, Americans remain on the cusp between mythical and sequential processing…

Roadmap to Reality Elpel Thomas J. 9781892784292:73

Although American culture is at least halfway in transition to a sequential worldview, young people must mature through the mythical stage of development to get there. Roadmap to Reality Elpel Thomas J. 9781892784292:104

Although American culture is in transition from mythical to sequential thinking, rural communities typically shift more slowly. One local science teacher told me that 70 percent of her students come from families who believe God created the world just six thousand years ago. Roadmap to Reality Elpel Thomas J. 9781892784292:108

Overall, Americans utilize a combination of sequential and mythical processing for most situations, but sometimes access magical and systems processing for other issues. An individual who has grown up with the Internet and mimicked systems processing may be very talented at systems-related work, yet childhood traumas may keep him psychologically locked in first or second person, unable to objectively evaluate or modify his own behaviors. Roadmap to Reality Elpel Thomas J. 9781892784292:137