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Roadmap to Reality

( Elpel Thomas J. )

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  1. We do not qualify as a self-aware species
  2. Our perception of free will is largely an illusion
  3. Our sense of self and mind are not hardwired but emerge from language
  4. Our definition of reality, or worldview, changes in predictable ways as we mature
  5. Entire cultures evolve through similar stages
  6. Worldviews are dictated by technology
  7. Worldviews determinate our morals and values, how we perceive cause and effect, how we solve ploblems, how we solve problems, how we raise and educate our children, and how we govern ourselves.

6 We began this quest by acknowledging that our senses and survival needs provide us with perception of reality that is both limited and distorted, and could be entirely illusory anyway. Matrix

bariera obiektywnej obserwacji

bariera przetwarzania informacji

11 We think we are self-aware, yet we impulsively react to circumstances without thinking about why we do the thing we do. emocje

16 Two-years-olds don`t study textbooks on verb conjugation. They learn through mimicry and experience with little or no instruction at all. CŻC - cykl życiowy człowieka

16 It doesn't matter wheather we grow up in an English or a Chinese household; the brain wires itself according to the sounds of that language. The brain builds neural connections around sounds that are heard repeatedly, and it gradually pays less attention to sounds that are not as common. Over time it becomes increasingly difficult for a person to hear or speak unfamiliar languages. edukacja

CŻC - cykl życiowy człowieka

Klątwa wiedzy

17 In this way, children subconsciously acquire the mannerisms and beliefs of family members, friends, and television characters. We don`t recall learning these things, but most of our behaviors as adults are driven by these deeply embedded programs. We assume we are self-aware, but human behavior suggests that we live like automatons reacting to circumstances according to preprogrammed scripts.

W ten sposób dzieci podświadomie przyswajają sobie maniery i przekonania członków rodziny. Nie pamiętamy jak nauczyliśmy się tego ale większość naszych dorosłych zachowań powodowana jest tymi mocno w nas osadzonymi programami. Uważamy się za myślących, jednak nasze zachowania dowodzą, że jesteśmy automatami wyzwalającymi w danych warunkach dane reakcje zgodnie z zapisanymi w nas instrukcjami.


Klątwa wiedzy

31 Similarly, television newscasters can sway voters with subtle facial expressions as they speak about presidential candidates. Even if a network`s coverage of a candidate is more negative than other networks, viewers are more likely to vote for the candidate if the newscaster measurably brightens up while talking about him or her. Seeing how decisions, big and small, are made, it is astonishing that we are able to function as a society at all. propaganda



31 We are also enormously susceptible to suggestion, almost as if we live in a perpetual state of hypnosis. Ahamkara

33 We are functionally automatons, reacting to the circumstances of our lives while wrapped up in the illusion that we are self-aware and making decisions. obiekt żywy

40 Our species is unique in our exceptional ability to copy behavior and grasp theory of mind. wyróżnik ludzki

40 A limiting factor in the pace of biological and cultural evolution is need. Why evolve bigger brains, more complex languages, or new technologies if one can survive without them? Perhaps the most remarkable part of the human story is that we evolved in spite of a tendency for life forms to devolve into the simplest form that can survive within any given niche. przymus

ewolucja biologiczna

40 Many early biologists assumed that organisms evolved in one direction only, towards greater complexity, as if the ultimate goal of evolution was for all living beings to become more like us. They were unable to reconcile this assumption with the fact that many parasites seemed to devolve into simpler forms, discarding limbs, sensory organs, and intelligence to latch onto and feed off of something else. The most successful reproducers don't waste resources on extraneous body parts. ewolucja biologiczna

43 As a child I saw the sky as a sea of stars without specific patterns, but then I learned a number of constellations, including Leo, the Twins, Cassiopeia, Orion, and the Big and Little Dippers. These are Western constellations, passed down through our culture. I enjoy looking at the night sky and seeing familiar constellations. I can quickly orient myself to the directions with glance at the sky. Unfortunately, however, now that I have learned these constellations, I am unable to not see them.

Indigenous people looked up at the stars and created their own unique constellations. I am blind to their constellations and unable to see the sky without the constellations of our culture. When I look at the sky, my focus is drawn to the symbols I know. I have defined this aspect of reality and therefore changed my experience of it. Language has a similar effect on our perceptions of reality. When we acquire language, we cease to see reality as it really is, and we see our symbols of it instead. For example, when you use the word “tree,” do you recall a photographic image of a specific tree, of do you imagine a more generalized, symbolic tree? Many people are so disconnected from nature that all trees tend to look alike. Consequently, few people ever really see a tree.


Klątwa wiedzy

45 For example, the Pirah? tribe of Brazil has only three words for numbers: “one,” “two,” and “many”. Besides lacking words for higher numbers, matching tests reveal that adults have trouble conceptualizing larger numbers. Pirah? children, however, grasp number concepts very easily. edukacja

46 A map of the world is not the world. It is a model built with symbols arranged to metaphorically represent the world. The relationship between the symbols tells us something about the relationship between the original objects. Similarly, a map of reality is not realty. It is a mental map built with symbolic excerpts arranged to metaphorically represent reality. modelowanie

47 We construct a reality based on models of how we would like that reality to be, not on reality itself. Ahamkara

Klątwa wiedzy

48 But language shapes our perceptions. We label the world with the symbolic map of reality, blind to the errors in our mapmaking. bariera obiektywnej obserwacji

Klątwa wiedzy

56 In effect, a child matures from a first-person experience, seeing the world only from his own perspective, to a second-person experience, seeing the world through the eyes of other people, even if not always accurately.

The important part of communication isn`t what is said, but what the audience hear.

The result is an ethnocentric viewpoint. Lacking exposure to other cultures and viewpoints, they understand only the code of conduct of their own culture and see it as the only way to do things. They interpret reality in black-and-white terms, believing the answers must be either this or that, based on their cultural background.

With role-playing, a black-and-white view of issues, and lacking a mature sense of case and effect, the mythical worldview is typically associated with gods and strong opinions of right and wrong. While younger kids tend to perceive reality in very magical terms, kids of this age perceive reality in more mythical terms. For example, while a younger child might imagine he can make a picture of a candy bar magically turn into a real one, an older child might be motivated to pray for one instead, perhaps imagining that if he behaves well then he will be rewarded.


Klątwa wiedzy

57 Stages of human development can be thought of like the layers of an onion. The core of the onion represents subconscious, impulsive, animal like behavior, while each new layer added to the onion represents an increasing the world, a new worldview. myślenie

66 The power of a chief was secured not through any legal institutions, but through loyalty gained from the process of redistributing wealth. władza

! - dobry cytat


Kulturowo, Amerykanie pozostają pomiędzy mitycznym a sekwencyjnym rodzajerm myślenia…

As a culture, Americans remain on the cusp between mythical and sequential processing…

HPA - Human Perception Apparatus

!! - super cytat

79 Studies since then have consistently revealed that an absence of social stimulus and maternal care leads to a high rate of physical and emotional retardation and mortality. We may be born with the necessary wiring to become human, but lacking sufficient social stimulus, we cannot become anything at all. We only become human by mimicking other people. edukacja

Eksperyment Calhoun'a

81 These examples demonstrate that socialization is critical to normal development of social animals, especially people. Without proper role models, children seem unable to relate to the world in a human way. Even after intensive socialization and language therapy, the children seem unable to grasp their relationship to the world. Their neurological development is incomplete. edukacja

Eksperyment Calhoun'a

87 It could be said that people who are unobstructed by language are more capable of perceiving reality as it is, while the rest of us generalize reality into symbols and fail to notice our actual surroundings. We filter out extraneous information that might be distracting or overwhelming to the senses and see only what we want to see. Ahamkara

Klątwa wiedzy

93 Most teenagers are wired to their music, almost like an addiction. They can hardly function without it. At this stage in life people are easily swayed by the power of suggestion. Even highly responsible teens are prone to significant lapses in judgment as they are swayed by suggestions from peers, songs, stupid stunts on television shows, or random impulses from the subconscious. Ahamkara

CŻC - cykl życiowy człowieka

95 New Guinea is home to about a thousand indigenous languages-some as different from each other as English from Chinese-among tribes living only a few miles apart. The diversity there is partly due to the inaccessible landscape. In 1910 a team of British ornithologists landed on New Guinea`s coast and set out on an expedition for the snowcapped mountains only a hundred miles away (a five to ten day walk in my part of the world). Due to the impenetrable terrain, they gave up and turned back after covering only forty-five miles in thirteen mountains. ! - dobry cytat

104 Children are especially programmed to listen to voices of authority in the form of adults telling them what to do. Although children can be contrary at times, there is a powerful instinct to assume that adults know what is right and best, even when contradictory evidence is in plain sight. Becoming teenagers, kids often seem to disregard voices of authority, but it is more accurate to say they discover new role models, finding voices of authority in music and culture. As parents, we have to compete with the messages of their favorite music, sports, and television idols. This idol worshipping can become a form of hypnotism; people become so drown to a rock star, actor, sports figure, cult leader, or mentor that they feel like their lives will somehow be better if they can be near this person. Young adults especially for voices of authority as they search for answers to the complexities of life. They want something to believe in. CŻC - cykl życiowy człowieka


104 the human brain is wired to obey voices of command Ahamkara

104 Although American culture is at least halfway in transition to a sequential worldview, young people must mature through the mythical stage of development to get there. HPA - Human Perception Apparatus

CŻC - cykl życiowy człowieka

105 Self-awareness of inner turmoil is too painful, frightening, or depressing to face directly, and so we seek guidance from an authority figure. We copy and act out their answers to life`s problems, rather than facing the issues directly. We relinquish to others our individuality and consciousness. We conform to external authorities rather than risk being alone as an individual. Ahamkara


105 People who have been emotionally traumatized don’t want complicated answers. They want a person or doctrine to give them simple solutions to get past the pain and back on their feet. Ahamkara


105 Many people are attracted to cults and religions because life is confusing. They desire guidelines to believe in and a voice of authority to tell them what to do. However, as Yatri observed in Unknown Man, “Beliefs are cheap, and they do seem great bargains at first. Ready-made answers are free. However, there is one small problem-there is no room for doubt. Doubt is the worm in the apple. It is always the fear of a true believer that somewhere, somewhen, someone, will come along to disturb his cherished and borrowed ideas. Believers have to burn books, or heretics. At all costs they must repress that threat to their belief.” religia


myślenie redukcjonistyczne

105 In 1997, coinciding with the passing of the Hale-Bopp Comet, thirty-eight cult members along with their leader all committed suicide with the aid of barbiturates, vodka, and plastic bags for asphyxiation, believing they would be transported aboard a spaceship hiding behind the comet. All were dressed in identical black shirts and sweat pants with new black-and-white Nike tennis shoes and purple armbands that read “Heaven`s Gate away team”. Each person had five dollars’ worth of quarters in their pockets, though nobody knows why. Natural selection works against such cults, but they reappear on a regular basis. Other mass suicides included the 1978 People`s Temple murder / suicide in Jonestown, Guyana (914 people), the 1994 to 1997 Solar Temple murder / suicides in Quebec and Switzerland (about 74 people), and the march 2000 Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God in Uganda (780-1,000 people). ideologia


106 The tragedy of conformity is that kids mimic whatever they are exposed to and learn to identify with it whether they are interested in it or not. If kids are sufficiently exposed to diverse alternatives such as astronomy, dancing, theater, entomology, kayaking, or horsemanship, then they might choose a path that suits them. However, many kids lack the opportunity for such exposure, and if they do get excited about something, they are may be no peer group at school to reinforce the interest. Instead, kids enroll in football, basketball, or whatever other sport is popular, because that is what everyone else is doing. The problem is exacerbated by artificially dividing kids into grades according to age. In tribal cultures children were part of the community. They had the opportunity to mimic people of all ages. In age-segregated classes, however, they have only each other. Kids mimic cues from the latest movies and act it out in front of each other, but that doesn`t they actually care about it. They just don`t have anything better to copy.

Another tragedy of conformity is that we adults chant the same mantra about the need to get good grades in school, to advance to college, to get a respectable and well-paying career. Well-intentioned parents can squash a child`s dream to become an actor or an inventor in favor or something more secure, but less satisfying. Children are wired to fallow this programming of should and should-nots, and only regret it later.



107 As an adolescent I remember trying to make sense of the evolution-creationism debate, and I`ve seen my kids go through the same thing. Seemingly rational adults claim that the universe is billions of years old and that we evolved from apes. Other seemingly rational adults say evolution is an unproven theory, and that God created the world only a few thousand years ago. To children, lacking the tools to examine the natural world around them and unable to critically reason through the pros and cons of either argument, both arguments seem equally legitimate. Creationists will argue, and I agree, that students are taught to believe evolution on faith without any means of verifying it for themselves.

Given my background as a naturalist, evolution is not merely a theory or a belief, but something I can see in the world around me. I see flowers that have retained ancestral characteristics and those that have evolved new strategies. Sometimes I use clay to animate the stages of flower evolution in my botany classes. Without that kind of background and experience, a person has to swallow evolution on faith alone.

Creationists vocally challenge science in the schools, pushing the concept of intelligent design as an alternative to evolutionary theory. As “proof” against evolution, they might resort to metaphorical analogies such as evolution is as improbable as a monkey typing Shakespeare`s hamlet, or as likely as pile of parts self-assembling to become a car. Even if unsuccessful at introducing intelligent design into the schools, the challenge muddies the issue for a whole new generation of students. As a result, young people might believe whichever viewpoint seems to have the largest number of reasonable-sounding proponents. In other words, choosing one side or the other is not accomplished through critical reasoning, but through mimicry and role-playing.

ewolucja biologiczna

107 Islamscy naukowcy naginają rzeczywistość, by być w zgodzie z Koranem, a by uwiarygodnić swoje prace cytują siebie nawzajem.

Islamic scientists distort reality to match the Koran, they cite each other as sources to validate their research.


108 Although American culture is in transition from mythical to sequential thinking, rural communities typically shift more slowly. One local science teacher told me that 70 percent of her students come from families who believe God created the world just six thousand years ago. HPA - Human Perception Apparatus

wsiowi / miastowi

109 Cała ich wiedza o nas [Amerykanach – przyp. JF] pochodzi z naszych filmów. Nie należy się zatem dziwić, że postrzegają nas wszystkich jako Satanistów.

Much of what they learn about us [Americans – JF] comes from our movies, so it is no wonder that some Muslims believe we are all Satanic.


125 Compared to a flock of truly faithful mythical thinkers, getting sequential thinkers to the polls is more like herding cats, so mythical thinkers are disproportionately favored in elections. demokracja

137 Overall, Americans utilize a combination of sequential and mythical processing for most situations, but sometimes access magical and systems processing for other issues. An individual who has grown up with the Internet and mimicked systems processing may be very talented at systems-related work, yet childhood traumas may keep him psychologically locked in first or second person, unable to objectively evaluate or modify his own behaviors. HPA - Human Perception Apparatus