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Total Recall. My unbelievably true life story.

( Schwarzenegger, Arnold )

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Strona Treść cytatu Słowa kluczowe / uwagi
10 His answer to life was discipline. We had a strict routine that nothing could change: we’d get up at six, and it would be my job or Meinhard’s to get milk from the farm next door. When we were a little older and starting to play sports, exercises were added to the chores, and we had to earn our breakfast by doing sit-ups. In the afternoon, we’d finish our homework and chores, and my father would make us practice soccer no matter how bad the weather was. If we messed up on a play, we knew we’d get yelled at.
My father believed just as strongly in training our brains. After Mass on Sunday, he’d take us on a family outing: visiting another village, maybe, or seeing a play, or watching him perform with the police band. Then in the evening we had to write a report on our activities, ten pages at least. He’d hand back our papers with red ink scribbled all over them, and if we had spelled a word wrong, we had to copy it fifty times over.
I loved my father and really wanted to be like him. I remember once when I was little, putting on his uniform and standing on a chair in front of the mirror. The jacket came down like a robe almost to my feet, and the hat was falling down on my nose. But he had no patience with our problems. If we wanted a bicycle, he’d tell us to earn the money for it ourselves. I never felt that I was good enough, strong enough, smart enough. He let me know that there was always room for improvement. A lot of sons would have been crippled by his demands, but instead the discipline rubbed off on me. I turned it into drive.

17 When you grow up in that kind of harsh environment, you never forget how to withstand physical punishment, even long after the hard times end. wychowanie


56 All the great bodybuilders I’d idolized growing up had won the Mr. Universe title: Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Bill Pearl, Jack Delinger, Tommy Sansone, Paul Winter. I remembered seeing a photograph from the contest when I was a kid. The winner stood on a pedestal, trophy in hand, while everyone else stood below him on the stage. Being on that pedestal was always my vision of where I would end up. It was very clear: I knew what it was going to feel like and look like. SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty

59 Wag had made it clear that he thought I needed a lot of work. At the top of his list was my posing routine. I knew there is a huge difference between hitting poses successfully and having a compelling routine. Poses are the snapshots, and the routine is the movie. To hypnotize and carry away an audience, you need the poses to flow. What do you do between one pose and the next? How do the hands move? How does the face look? I’d never had a chance to figure very much of this out. SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty

60 One of the few times she ever got mad at me was when she saw me shove my way through a crowd of fans after a competition. The thought in my head was “I won. Now I’m going to party.” But Dianne grabbed me and said, “Arnold, you don’t do that. These are people who came to see you. They spent their money, and some of them traveled a long way. You can take a few minutes and give them your autograph.” That scolding changed my life. I’d never thought about the fans, only about my competitors. But from then on, I always made time for the fans. SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty


93 This means you have to be able to see your body honestly and analyze its flaws. SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty


Syndrom Kalego

100 Weider’s magazines photographed Dave with a surfboard walking around on the beach. That looked cool. In the background was a Volkswagen dune buggy, with the exposed wheels, and that looked cool too. He was surrounded by beautiful girls who gazed at him in awe.
Other pictures in the magazine showed scientists and technicians in white lab coats developing nutritional supplements in the Weider Research Clinic. “Weider Research Clinic,” I would say to myself, “this is unbelievable!” And there were pictures of airplanes with “Weider” painted on the side in big letters. I’d imagined an outfit the size of General Motors, with a fleet of planes flying around the globe delivering Weider equipment and food supplements. The writing in the magazine sounded fabulous too when my friends translated it for me. The stories talked about “blasting the muscles” and building “deltoids like cannonballs” and “a chest like a fortress.”
And now here I was, six years later, on Venice Beach! Just like Dave Draper, only now it was me with the dune buggy and the surfboard and the adoring girls. Of course, by this time I was aware enough to see that Weider was creating a whole fantasy world, with a foundation in reality but skyscrapers of hype. Yes, there were surfboards, but the bodybuilders didn’t really surf. Yes, there were pretty girls, but they were models who got paid for the photo session. (Actually, one of the girls was Joe’s wife, Betty, a beautiful model whom he didn’t have to pay.) Yes, there were Weider supplements and, yes, some research took place, but there was no big building in Los Angeles called the Weider Research Clinic. Yes, Weider products were distributed around the world, but there were no Weider planes. Discovering the hype didn’t bother me, though. Enough of it was true.


109 The more you do it, the more automatic it becomes, and the less effort it takes. SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty


116 Most bodybuilders don’t have very interesting insights or routines. But I’d noticed that Joe’s writers could make a story out of anything. media



122 A key discovery we made was that you can’t just copy someone else’s routine, because everyone’s body is different. Everyone has different proportions of torso and limb and different hereditary advantages and disadvantages. You can take an idea from another athlete, but you have to understand that your body may respond very differently from his or hers. nadążność

SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty

138 It might seem like I was handcuffing myself by setting such specific goals, but it was actually just the opposite: I found it liberating. Knowing exactly where I wanted to end up freed me totally to improvise how to get there. Take that twelve more college credits I needed, for example. It didn’t matter which college they would come from; I would figure that out. I’d look at which courses were available and what the credits cost and whether they fit my schedule and the rules of my visa. I didn’t need to worry about the exact details now, because I already knew I was going to get those dozen credits. SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty

140 She was totally on board with my habit of saving every penny. cykl Tytlera

145 After any competition, I always sought out the judges to ask for their input. “I appreciate that I won, but please tell me what were my weak points and what were my strong points,”. SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty

sprzężenie zwrotne

150 Often it’s easier to make a decision when you don’t know as much, because then you can’t overthink. If you know too much, it can freeze you. The whole deal looks like a minefield. nadążność

CŻC - cykl życiowy człowieka

cykl Tytlera

To też charakteryzuje pionierów z Cyklu Glubba
163 George said, “Now make sure that you have everything there.”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“I ran these competitions in the past. Sometimes we forget the simplest things.”
“Like what?” I started sweating, wondering what it could be. I’d been concentrating so much on selling seats that maybe I’d overlooked some important details.
“For instance, do you have the chairs for the judges at the front table? Who is going to get you those chairs?”
I turned to Franco. “Did you take care of those chairs?”
Franco said, “You’re such an idiot. How do I know about chairs for the judges?”
I said, “Okay, let’s write this down.” So I made a note that the next time we went to the auditorium, we had to figure out where to get this table to put in front of the stage and where to get nine chairs. George went on: “You need a nice tablecloth on the table—a green one preferably, so it looks official. Also, have you thought about who is going to buy the notepads for the judges?”
He said, “Make sure the pencils you bring have erasers.”
“Oh, shit.”
SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty

168 Lucy gave me advice about Hollywood. “Just remember, when they say, ‘No,’ you hear ‘Yes,’ and act accordingly. Someone says to you, ‘We can’t do this movie,’ you hug him and say, ‘Thank you for believing in me.’ ” public relations


195 My situation was a little different because bodybuilding was a much less popular sport. But the rules for attracting attention were exactly the same. public relations

198 We put on our clothes after we finished posing and went back out and joined the discussion with the art experts. Their talks were fascinating, in a way. For one thing, they showed that you can make a debate out of anything. One professor said this gathering marked “the entry of the highly developed, beautiful masculine form into the sphere of official culture.” The next guy thought that because of Vietnam, America was looking for a new definition of virility, which was us. But then he tied bodybuilding to Aryan racism in 1920s Europe and the rise of the Nazis and warned that we symbolized the possible growth of fascism in the United States. Another professor compared our poses to the worst Victorian-era kitsch. He got booed. naukowcy

Cykl Glubba - Faza Intelektu

200 If you don’t believe in yourself, then how will anyone else believe in you? SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty


211 I was always ready for a discovery or new experience. Cykl Glubba - Faza Pionierów

212 With artists, you never know what reaction you’ll get. Sometimes being spontaneous and jumping on an opportunity is the only way you can see art being made. nadążność


218 They milled around me and wanted to touch my muscles, and when I flexed for them, they exclaimed, “Wow! Wow!” I realized that they were putty in my hands. Authority for them was much more visual than intellectual – they would listen to me not because I’d studied physical therapy or anything like that but because of the biceps. autorytet

237 My style was to keep moving and not reflect too much. nadążność


244 In Europe, where government was totally in charge of everything, and 70 percent of people worked for the government, and the highest aspiration was to get a government job. That was one of the reasons why I left for the United States. władza


263 “Look at the faces of people who went through horrible times; people from Yugoslavia or Russia,” he would say. “Look at the lines, the character in their faces. You can’t fake that. These people have principles that they will stand and die for. They are tough because of the resistance they’ve fought through.” Cykl Glubba - Faza Pionierów

279 But no matter what you do in life, selling is part of it. marketing

! - dobry cytat

299 It was very clear, of course, that I would never be an actor like Dustin Hoffman or Marlon Brando, or a comedian like Steve Martin, but that was okay. I was being sought out as a larger-than-life character in action movies, like Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson, and John Wayne before them. Those were my guys. I went to see all their movies. So there would be plenty of work – and plenty of opportunity to become as big a star as any of them. I wanted to be in the same league and on the same pay scale. As soon as I realized this, I felt a great sense of calm. Because I could see it. Just as I had in bodybuilding, I believed 100 percent that I’d achieve my goal. I had a new vision in front of me, and I always feel that if I can see it and believe it, then I can achieve it. SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty

300 He seemed to know everything about cameras and lenses, about the way you set up shots, about lights and lighting, about set design. And he knew the kinds of money-saving shortcuts that let you bring in a movie for $4 million instead of $20 million. Four million was the amount they were budgeting for The Terminator. SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty

308 When I came back from Mexico in February 1984, I was ready to start preparing for The Terminator. I had just a month before we started shooting. The challenge was to lock into the cyborg’s cold, no-emotion behavior.

I worked with guns every day before we filmed, and for the first two weeks of filming I practiced stripping and reassembling them blindfolded until the motions were automatic. I spent endless hours at the shooting range, learning techniques for a whole arsenal of different weapons, getting used to their noise so that I wouldn’t blink. As the Terminator, when you cock or load a gun, you don’t look down any more than Conan would look down to sheath his sword. And, of course, you are ambidextrous. All of that is reps. You have to practice each move thirty, forty, fifty times until you get it. From the bodybuilding days on, I learned that everything is reps and mileage. The more miles you ski, the better a skier you become; the more reps you do, the better your body. I’m a big believer in hard work, grinding it out, and not stopping until it’s done, so the challenge appealed to me.

SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty

316 I got back to the United States and some people stopped me walking down the street in New York.
“Oh man, we just saw The Terminator. Say it! Say it! You’ve got to say it!”
“You know, ‘I’ll be back!’ ” None of us involved in making the movie had any idea that this was going to be the line people remembered. When you make a movie, you can never really predict what will turn out to be the most repeated line.
SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty

324 You can overthink anything. There are always negatives. The more you know, the less you tend to do something. If I had known everything about real estate, movies, and bodybuilding, I wouldn’t have gone into them. nadążność

SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty

341 Every film had to be nurtured in the marketplace. You can have the greatest movie in the world, but if you don’t get it out there, if people don’t know about it, you have nothing. It’s the same with poetry, with painting, with writing, with inventions. It always blew my mind that some of the greatest artists, from Michelangelo to van Gogh, never sold much because they didn’t know how. They had to rely on some schmuck–some agent or manager or gallery owner–to do it for them. Picasso would go into a restaurant and do a drawing or paint a plate for a meal. Now you go to these restaurants in Madrid, and the Picassos are hanging on the walls, worth millions of dollars. That wasn’t going to happen to my movies. Same with bodybuilding, same with politics–no matter what I did in life, I was aware that you had to sell it. SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty


342 “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise.” ! - dobry cytat

Fizyka Firmy

DRFZ - dobra rada Fizyki Życia

395 I was running into a teachers’ union taboo against volunteers in the schools. Encountering that attitude was a real eye-opener. It was not about the kids, as they claimed. It was about getting more teachers jobs. Of course, I understood that’s what unions do: fight for their own. natura człowieka uczciwego

403 I loved the idea of new challenges, along with new dangers of failure. Cykl Glubba - Faza Pionierów

407 Nobody (…) wins all the time. At some point, you’re bound to get a beating. CŻC - cykl życiowy człowieka

410 Word of mouth is what makes movies big, because while you can put in $25 million or $30 million to promote the movie on the first weekend, you can’t afford to keep doing that every week. SDR - sztuka dobrej roboty


420 Working with these kids taught me a lot about myself. Until then I thought I was the poster boy for the American dream. I came to the United States virtually broke, worked hard, kept focused on my goal, and made it. This really was the land of opportunity, I thought. If a kid like me could do it, anybody could. Well, that wasn’t so.
Traveling to schools, I saw that it wasn’t enough to grow up with the United States as your address. In the inner cities, kids didn’t even dare to dream. The message they got was “Don’t bother. You’ll never make it. You’re a loser.”
I thought about what I had that those kids didn’t. I grew up poor too. But I had a fire inside of me to succeed and two parents who pushed me and taught me discipline. I had a strong public school education. I had after-school sports with coaches and training partners who were role models. I had mentors who told me, “You can do it, Arnold,” and then made me believe it. They were around me twenty-four hours a day, supporting me and making me grow.
But how many inner-city kids had those tools? How many learned the discipline and determination? How many got the encouragement that would let them even glimpse their self-worth? Instead, they were told they were trapped. They could see that most of the adults around them were trapped. The schools were short of resources, the teachers were worn out and not always the best, and mentors were scarce. There were families in poverty and gangs all around. I wanted them to feel their own drive, ambition, and hope, and get up to the same starting line. So it was never hard to work for these kids or to think of the right thing to say. “We love you,” I would tell them. “We care for you. You are great. You can make it. We believe in you, but the most important thing is that you believe in yourself. All these opportunities are out there waiting for you as long as you make the right decisions and have a dream. You can be anything you want to be. A teacher, a police officer, a doctor, you can do that. Or a basketball star or an actor. Or even the president. Anything is possible, but you have to do your end of the work. And we as grownups have to do ours.”

424 No matter what you do in life, you have to have a business mind and educate yourself about money. DRFZ - dobra rada Fizyki Życia

424 I always felt that the most important thing was not how much you make, but how much you invest, how much you keep. Fizyka Firmy

431 I believe you should get three opinions when facing a big medical decision. DRFZ - dobra rada Fizyki Życia

477 And elected officials usually hate ballot initiatives because they reduce their power and make the state harder to govern. politycy


485 I never argued with people who underestimated me. DRFZ - dobra rada Fizyki Życia

498 Everybody owes a journalist and every journalist wants a scoop.

Każdy (polityk) zależy od dziennikarzy, a każdy dziennikarz czegos tam chce.



504 Mike Murphy, who had just signed on as my campaign manager, said, “Show that you’re having a good time. That you love what you’re doing. Be likeable, be yourself, be humorous, have fun. Don’t worry about saying something wrong, just be ready to make a joke about it right away. People don’t remember what you say, only whether they like you or not.” Ahamkara

emocje / rzeczywistość

509 I reminded myself: don’t get caught up on detail. Be likable, be humorous. Let the others hang themselves. Lure them into saying stupid things. politycy

511 My rule of thumb about damaging accusations was that if the accusation was false, fight vigorously to have it withdrawn; if the accusation was true, acknowledge it and, when appropriate, apologize. Fizyka Firmy


517 Prop 98, the Classroom Instructional Improvement and Accountability Act, ensures that education funding increases every year regardless of whether or not the state takes in more money. The formula that governs this is so arcane that only the guy who wrote it knows exactly how it works. His name is John Mockler. He likes to joke that he wrote it that way on purpose and put his kid through Stanford advising people about the formula. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office had to produce a twenty-minute video explaining to state lawmakers how the law works, and even it needed to hire Mockler for advice.

Multiply the education funding formula a thousand times, and you get a picture of the absurdity of Sacramento. Its full-time legislature passes so many new laws each year–more than a thousand–that legislators don’t have time to even read the bills before they vote on most of them. Voters get so frustrated that they pass major legislation by initiative, like Prop 98, to force Sacramento to focus on real problems like education funding. Absurd.

natłok komunikatów

metoda zmiany parametrów

525 Speaking to hundreds of shoppers in a Southern California megamall, I made the case that our lawmakers were part of a political system that was “out of shape, that is out of date, that is out of touch, and that is definitely out of control. They cannot have the guts to come out there in front of you and say, ‘I don’t want to represent you. I want to represent those special interests: the unions, the trial lawyers.’ ” demokracja


527 Instead of being retrained or fired, bad teachers would often be shuffled from school to school in what was known as “the dance of the lemons.” socjalizm


528 I had declared war on the three most powerful public-employee unions in the state: the prison guards, the teachers, and the state employees. socjalizm


529 But if you’re perceived to be attacking teachers, firefighters, and cops, your popularity is going to take a beating. My approval ratings dropped like they’d been tasered, from 60 percent in December to 40 percent in the spring. demokracja

public relations

532 Arnold is failing the children. Arnold is failing the elderly. Arnold is failing the poor. politycy


532 We were making Americans aware how far labor will go protecting its interests even when the deal is unfair. politycy


545 Arnold is failing the children. Arnold is failing the elderly. Arnold is failing the poor.
Also on the list were groups that usually lean Republican, such as police chiefs, sheriffs, manufacturers’ associations, and small business associations.

545 Also on the list were groups that usually lean Republican, such as police chiefs, sheriffs, manufacturers’ associations, and small business associations. politycy


551 He’s gotten a taste of power. władza

555 While the nation was reeling from the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, DC, the legislature pushed through a redistricting bill that further entrenched incumbents and hard-liners of both parties. urzędnictwo


559 Trying to reform health care had almost destroyed Bill Clinton’s presidency. And the same health care demons that confronted America also confronted us as a state: soaring costs, inefficiency, fraud, rising burdens for employers and policyholders, and millions of people uninsured. politycy

567 Moves like these are not in any disaster response manuals. I saw what happened during Katrina when officials at every level waited for someone else to take action – because that’s what the manuals say you’re supposed to do. “Every disaster is local,” the experts told me. State officials are supposed to wait until local officials ask for assistance; federal officials wait until state officials ask for help, and so on. “Bullshit,” I said. “That’s how thousands of people were left stranded on rooftops in New Orleans. That is not going to happen here.” My rule was simple: “I want action. If you need to do something that’s not in the manual, throw the manual out. Do whatever you have to do. Just get it done.” team building

Cykl Glubba - Faza Intelektu

Cykl Glubba - Faza Pionierów


575 I always wanted to cut fast. Part of this was my philosophy: when you’re spending more money than you’re taking in, you cut spending. Simple. Part of this was math. In budgeting, the sooner you make cuts, the less deep they have to be. But for the legislature, the scary numbers had the opposite effect: they were paralyzed. The talks dragged into January and then February. I pressed them to act. Outside my office, I put up a display that said “Legislature’s Failure to Act” and counted the number of days and the additional debt being racked up for every day they didn’t move on the budget.

In mid-February, when we were in late-night negotiations, sometimes I would remind myself that this was nothing compared to being up to my neck in freezing jungle mud in Predator or driving a Cadillac down stairs in The 6th Day. And I’d think how budget negotiations are no different than grueling five-hour weight-lifting sessions in the gym. The joy in working out is that with each painful rep you get a step closer to achieving your goal.


Reguła korekty


Długofalowo / Krótkofalowo

575 Even when I took actions to save money, the budget got worse. With the collapse of the financial markets, we had to kick in billions of dollars to cover shortfalls in the public-employee pension system. I pushed hard for changes that removed the worst pension abuses, but it wasn’t enough. Meanwhile, prison spending soared, thanks to sweetheart contracts signed years before by previous governors as well as increases ordered by federal judges who actually took over parts of the system. I’d worked to save more than $1 billion by making controversial changes, including cutting out automatic pay raises for guards and reforming our parole policies (zasady zwolnień warunkowych). I had to fight the fiercest labor union in the state – the prison guards – at the same time I had to push hard against my strongest supporters in law enforcement, like the sheriffs and police chiefs. We proposed treating more nonviolent felonies as misdemeanors, shipping more prisoners out of state, and creating alternatives to prison for lower-risk offenders, like GPS monitoring and house arrest. We won major battles on those fronts, but prison costs still rose. In fact, we were now spending more on prisons than on universities. prawnicy



577 In running for office I’d promised never to raise taxes except under the most dire circumstances. But I’d also taken an oath to do what was best for the state, and not for me or any ideology. So I gritted my teeth and actually signed a budget that raised income taxes, sales taxes, and even the car tax for the next two years. This was the very same car tax that had cost Gray Davis his governorship and that I cut as my first official act. demokracja


584 win a huge victory on education reform, giving parents the right to move their children out of failing schools. The teachers’ unions and school administrators fought vehemently against these reforms, but the bipartisan force of a Republican governor teaming up with a Democratic president and the premier civil rights group in the country was too much even for the most powerful labor union in the state. socjalizm