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Review of Physics of Life

Author: Mr. Jarosław Szczepanik

A computer scientist who for the last 15 years has been analysing and building a complete model of reality. Author of “Mathematical Foundations of Life”


“Physics of Life" is the first book known to me which describes the components found in living organisms and the mechanisms of biological evolution in an exact and complete manner. In my opinion, it is the first successful attempt to build a full, precise model of life.

In his book, the author explains the mechanisms of biological evolution. They are subjected to a strict, almost mathematical analysis. Simplified models of various phenomena occurring in evolution are built in an excellent way, and the essence of these mechanisms is explained in a very simple manner.

Importantly, the author managed to stay within well-defined scientific concepts and generally recognised scientific knowledge as much as possible. His own definitions are introduced only when they are necessary to maintain the completeness of the model. This is obviously a huge advantage of this book, because thanks to this, it doesn't cause a controversy, to which new hypotheses are always exposed to. However, one would be wrong to assume that the book doesn't add anything new. Although I myself deal with modelling life, after reading ”Physics of Life” my perception of many phenomena has changed diametrically.

Personally, I would wish this book to become a textbook for ethics lessons at schools, which supported by an open discussion and exercises carried out using games such as “Little evolution” would, in my opinion, have an immense impact on young people’s perception of the world and decision-making. I emphatically recommend this book to anyone who wants to fully understand the phenomenon of life.