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Title Fizyka życia
Author John Freeslow
Publisher QBS - Jan Kubań
Published 2009
Number of pages 368
ISBN 978-83-929152-0-1
Price 49.90 zł
Size 169 x 235 x 24 mm
Weight 682 g
Printing color
Cover soft
Category Science, Biological Sciences, Biology, Evolution, Sociobiology, Sociology, Genetics, Philosophy, Physics
Editorial Review
First in Poland (and perhaps the world) monograph of life, which in the author’s opinion is a GAME PLAYED FOR RESOURCES. Regardless of whom we are and what we do - we all play this game, whether we want to or not. Like in any other game – there are rules and goals, winners and losers – the only thing that’s missing is instructions telling us what to do in order to win. Physics of life clearly defines the objective of this game, provides detailed knowledge about its rules and relations between players. Thanks to the hints contained in the book, everyone gets a chance to prepare their own unique instructions, compatible with their own system of values - specific algorithm by which we ourselves invent the guidelines on how to live, in order not to lose the life we have.
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