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Physics of life - questions and answers

Shane M. (Australia)


I need to ask a question about logic. Imagine you have a person who believes the logic of his life is, despite what he's tried, he's always lost. So now, he's reluctant to try, despite great talent, despite ability, despite ideas. He just doesn't see the logic of trying always equalling failing. It seems much more logical to not try.

But he knows something else. He knows, despite his logic that he has observed, he doesn't have the full picture just yet. His logic is poisoned by personal bias. But he is not willing to accept a loss every time he tries, especially now, he's losing energy, going into endo-static state prematurely.

This man I refer to is me, by the way, and my question is, if I can apply the logic of a greater scientific system, such as what I got out of your Physics of Life presentation you directed me to on Youtube, could I start winning much more often instead of always losing? I'm not asking for a 100% win rate, but I am asking for not a 100% loss rate.

I am trying to remove personal bias from my observations, I was working on it before I started speaking to you, but some personal bias considering the loss I have suffered, my home, my land, my inheritance, every member of my biological family disowning me and chasing me out of my hometown, it'll take years to wade through it all, whereas I have need to win now. I'm told I'm getting better, despite the loss, and I'm doing it on my own.

Anyway, I'm pretty certain the bulk of the answers are in your book. But just as a quick answer, is my thinking correct, can I apply logic to start winning instead of alway losing?



Once I was told that the logic you mentioned is the measure of the efficiency of a man. And if a man is not efficient he shoud change his logic.

You said an intelligent guy is always losing. Ok, let's discuss intelligence and success.

Every day I meet postgraduates and they are either overconfident in their abilities or underconfident. My job is to introduce them to the real work (read to the real world). As you already know, I defined intelligence as a measure of the efficiency of the accomplishment of pursuance. However, a lot of people think that knowledge is the same as intelligence. I will give you an example: you will never be a professional Aussie Rules Football player after reading books and watching matches. So some qualities have to be trained and cannot be learnt. How I understand "trained" - in the same way as Jigoro Kano (the creator of judo). It means hard work, learning from your betters, constant practice and competition and, what is most important, when you are losing never blame the circumstances but find the causes within yourself. Once discovered, they must be destroyed as soon as possible. It is incredibly hard, but essential.

Due to the western education system, we are surrounded by people with knowledge. I learned how to be intelligent from French peasants. As a Pole, before the Berlin Wall fell, we thought of ourselves as very intelligent people. After the Wall fell, we met hard-working westerners from richier countries who showed us we knew little. Only running my own business taught me how to be successful. Now, I am 56 years old, and frankly speaking, I consider my success far smaller than I imagined. So am I a loser or a winner - that is the question?

We are influenced by the media who highlight immediate success without showing the failures, the mistakes nor the length of time it has taken. We are bombarded by images of worthless success from television and the internet, when the greater success would be to share thoughts with another person.

So stop watching television :) and set attainable goals, systematically moving towards your final target. When you achieve the most insignificant goal, celebrate it by going to the pub, for example, and sharing it with others. If you see others celebrating, congratulate them and enjoy their success. Social skills are very important. Pay attention to the people around you, you will see a lot of manipulative and false intelligence. It comes from the self-interest of any living object to achieve its own goals.

Logically, systematically, set achievable goals. When they have been reached, that is the time to go for the unachievable ones. Do not expect that you can resolve your problems by reading one fantastic book.

Recommended reading: "War" & "Mastery" both by Robert Greene.