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Physics of Life - the book

Translated parts of "The Physics of Life"
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Dear Reader, are you sure that you know what life really is?

According to the author of this book, a physicist by education, a biocybernetician by profession, and an astute observer of social processes by passion, life is a game played for resources. A game which rejects the losers and the winners gain a right to repeat their success and play on. A game where one competes against one, one against many, many against one, and many against many. A game where living organisms, their clones, and victorious clones' clones play.

Cognitive model supplied by the physics of life is complete, logical, consistent, universal and understandable in any language. From now on, anyone with a little intellectual effort can comprehend the social processes. The next step is to answer the question can we make them better.

Physics of Life is a unique book, in form as well as in its content. It forces you to think and is very much needed to complement the worldview for people like me – typical humanists…[fragment of one of the reviews]

„Physics of Life” is the first book I know of which describes the components found in living organisms and the mechanisms of biological evolution in an exact and complete manner. In my opinion, it is the first successful attempt to build a full, precise model of life. [fragment of one of the reviews]

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